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Founded in 2022, ShrimpPro has helped thousands of pet shrimp hobbyist achieve their aquatic dreams!

Welcome to ShrimpPro.com! We are an online resource dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information about keeping shrimp as pets. ShrimpPro was founded in 2022 with the goal of becoming the go-to destination for anyone looking to learn more about caring for, breeding, and maintaining healthy shrimp at home. We offer a wide range of articles on these topics, as well as product reviews and other useful resources for shrimp enthusiasts. All of our content is thoroughly researched and fact-checked to ensure that it is reliable and informative. We hope you find our website helpful, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Thank you for visiting ShrimpPro.com!

About the Author

Elliot Galindo is a highly skilled and knowledgeable expert on freshwater shrimp and their care as pets. He received his Bachelor’s degree in marine biology from the University of Oregon and has always had a fascination with these unique and intricate creatures.

Over the years, Elliot has gained a wealth of experience in caring for freshwater shrimp, and has even founded his own website, ShrimpPro.com, to share this knowledge with others. His articles and resources have helped countless shrimp owners better understand the needs of their pets and provide them with the best possible care.

In addition to his work on ShrimpPro.com, Elliot is also an active member of various online communities and forums dedicated to shrimp-keeping. He is always willing to share his expertise and help others troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing with their own shrimp tanks.

When he’s not busy researching and writing about shrimp, Elliot can be found tending to his own shrimp tank at home, always striving to find new ways to improve the health and happiness of his pets. His dedication to these fascinating creatures is truly unparalleled, and his wealth of knowledge and experience make him a valuable resource for anyone interested in keeping freshwater shrimp as pets.

Elliot Galindo
Shrimp Pro Founder & Author